You have arrived at the digital headquarters of Jacob Anderson - a human entity incorporated in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. If you're looking for another Jacob Anderson, then I'm sorry to disappoint... We are many, and you'll need to do more fishing.

If I am the floppy haired owner of a giant forehead that you seek, and you're interested in a LinkedIn profile or Facebook page then let me also disappoint you - as per the ancient codes of the digital hermits I use neither. In lieu of entertaining information, may I suggest you visit the nearly empty timeline that constitutes a history of all the publicly-visible development I do at GitHub.

On the off chance that those are not the reasons that you're here then I will thank you for your solicitation, but due to economic factors I am not in the market for boner pills, SEO services or mail order brides.

Do take care, and the next time a website can be utterly useless to you I hope you seek out